Friday, August 7, 2009


For Sales Announcement

BoF will only post up Massive Sale announcement if your (blogshop) sale fulfill the following requirements.
  1. More than 8 items are on sale.
  2. Discounts are at least 30%.
  3. Special Considerations may be allowed to our discretion.

[the reason why we set up these requirements is because some blogshops have different standards of 'massive'. For e.g., a deduction of RM5 can be considered 'massive', when in our (BoF) opinion, it's simply not 'massive' enough]


Events Announcement

For us to post up events announcement, kindly include the following into your email.
  1. Full details (When? Where? Time? Organised By? Special features?)
  2. Banner


Paid advertising is available

[this section will be updated soon]

Kindly email us at for further information.


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