Friday, August 7, 2009

About Us

Book of Fashion (BoF)
We love online shopping. This blog came about after much negotiations with Fashion Truth, however, BoF is not a replacement for FT. The things we do and the way we approach matters are different compared to FT.

We aim to provide fellow readers more choices and options when they online shop. We also hope that readers will use BoF as a platform to voice out their opinions and online shopping experience.

We hope that all readers will get together, and help out one another in online shopping.

As of today, there are 3 categories in BoF.

  • This section is where BoF features items, as well as link up other blogshops that are also selling the same item.
  • The definition of 'same item' in BoF are items that are almost identical. We are not 100% sure that items are exactly the same as sellers may argue that the items are bought from different suppliers, or the material is different and so on.
  • This section does not include clothes from oversea-sprees, e.g. clothes from Taiwan / Korea.
  • Should BoF make any mistakes in wrongly assuming that two items are the same, we sincerely apologize, and would appreciate if blogshop owners can kindly notify us about the mistake.
  • This section is different compared to the "Alternatives" section in Fashion Truth.

Our main purpose is to allow readers/customers to look for the same item should the item be out of stock in one particular e-boutique. Apart from that, readers/customers can also search for blogshops that provide CODs in their preferred area to save on postage.


  • Readers, sellers & buyers are welcome to share your stories with us.
  • Stories include : online shopping bad & good experience, thoughts and comments about online shopping, advices to fellow readers.
  • Stories will be moderated. Emails containing vulgarity and harsh words will be modified accordingly. However prior to posting the email up, BoF will send the copy of modified email to the sender to get their approval.
  • Senders can request for their stories to be posted anonymously. Should senders fail to note that they would like to remain anonymous, BoF will post up their names as well. This applies for both buyers & sellers.
  • BoF will post up stories regarding negative shopping experience, however, the blogshop concern will be remained as anonymous. Changes to this may be made in the future.

  • Should BoF come across any great deals, or designs that we simply love, we will blog about it in this Reviews! section.
  • However, this is not the main feature of BoF and we may not update this section that regularly.
  • Also, paid reviews are available, do enquire within.


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